Sorry this one took a bit longer folks, we found out this week that Matt Sauni has skills on the stage as well as the league field, but we managed to catch him to get him to answer our 21 questions!

1.       What is your Full Name?

Matthew Siaumau Sauni

2.       Where were you born?


3.       What is your favourite place in New Zealand?

Christchurch (Black’n’Red baby!)

4.       What do you like to do to relax?

Eat, listen to music and sleep

5.       What is your signature cooking/baking dish?


6.       What do you do for a job?

Interior plasterer

7.       What is the best compliment you have ever received?

That I am a “Man of Steel”!! Haha

8.       What is your favourite thing about Rugby League?

Playing the game, and sharing that time with other people

9.       If you weren’t playing Rugby League, what sport would you play?

NFL (American Football)

10.   Who introduced you to playing for the Hornets?

Shane Endacott (former Hornets Premier coach)

11.   How long have you been playing for the Hornets?

This is my second year!

12.   How many years have you played Premiers?

Four years (I played two for Linwood before coming to Halswell)

13.   What position do you play?

Centre/second row

14.   What position would you like to play?

Second row

15.   Who is the “dark-horse” for the Hornets this season?

Joe Pombo …. hahaha :P

16.   Who do you think will win the Premiers Player of the Year award in 2013?

Jordan Kane

17.   Where will the Hornets finish on the table at the end of the 2013 regular season?

First baby!!

18.   Who will win the NRL in 2013?

Melbourne Storm

19.   Who will win State of Origin in 2013?

Queensland Maroons

20.   Who will win the 2013 Rugby League World Cup?

Toa! Samoa!!

21.   Final word, what piece of advice would you give to young Hornets who want to play Premiers one day?

Train hard, no one is perfect, so just give it ALL your best! No regrets!

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