This year we had members of our Club represent our district and zone either playing, coaching, training and managing. We are privileged to have many players and members involved outside club level.

On the 1st of October, the South Island 15’s and 17’s went to Rotorua to represent their zone at 2018 National Youth Tournament. We had Walter Wilson as head coach, Kevin TeHau as trainer and Rachael TeHau as manager of the 15’s South Island team. We also had Michelle Harding as the Manager of the 17’s South Island Team.

Over the six weeks leading up to their tournament, endless hours went into organising and training. Players descended to Christchurch each weekend for team training. A hard task for some but not for these players or coaches.

For more information about the tournament see link: SI Report or SI Report 2

Walter Wilson was recognised as Coach of the National Youth Tournament.

Kevin TeHau was recognised as Trainer of the National Youth Tournament.

Rachael TeHau was recognised as Manager of the National Youth Tournament.

The Halswell Rugby League Football Club congratulates Walter, Kevin and Rachael who go above and beyond their duties. We are very pleased to have such high level of volunteers within our Club. Rachael, Walter and Kevin all bring a strong sense of professionalism and understanding. We are very excited to continue working with them.

The Club is honoured to have members who volunteer their time for our great game. Without the support of volunteers, we would struggle. To have three of our valued members recognised at a national level it shows us how our time and efforts make a big difference to many.


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