21 Questions with………….Sam

  1. What is your full name? Samuel Robert Kelso
  2. Where we your born? Christchurch
  3. What is your favourite place in New Zealand? The Nest’ Halswell Domain
  4. What do you like to do to relax? ……….ask my wife
  5. What is your signature cooking/baking dish? You name it and I’ll cook it, but my signature dish would have to be a chicken pasta bake.
  6. What do you do for a job? Sales Representative for Makita NZ
  7. Are you a fan of the proposed new NZ flag or the current flag? I’m all for changing the flag but I think there needed to be better options than the options that were proposed. If they spent the money on a special design team then the outcome may have been different.
  8. What is the best compliment you have ever received? When I was a young kid the old ladies used to say “what beautiful curls you have”, now all I get is, “wow where has your hair gone”
  9. What is your favourite thing about Rugby League? Gaining friendships and competing to win
  10. If you weren’t playing Rugby League, what sport would you play? AFL
  11. Who introduced you to playing for the Hornets? I followed the footsteps of my 2 older brothers.
  12. How long have you been playing for the Hornets? Since I was 5, so 20 years….
  13. How many years have you played Premiers? Made my debut when I was 16, so 9 years.
  14. What position do you play? Usually an outside back, but last year I got chucked into the 2nd row.
  15. What position would you like to play? Fullback or Half
  16. Who is the “dark horse” for the Hornets this season? Jamie ‘J-Nutts’ Nuttridge. He hasn’t played in a few years and put on a couple of kilos but he is looking sharp at training.
  17. Who do you think will win the Premiers Player of the Year Award in 2016? To hard to pick at this stage. Hopefully someone who puts in 100% week in, week out.
  18. Who do you think will win the 2016 CRL Grand Final? I’d say the money team will be in the final again but would love Halswell to beat them in an upset.
  19. Who will win the NRL in 2016? The mighty Sydney Roosters
  20. Who do you think will win State of Origin in 2016? NSW!
  21. Final word, what piece of advice would you give to young Hornets who want to play Premiers one day? Set yourself goals and do everything in your power to achieve them. An average player with the right attitude will always be more successful than a superstar with a bad attitude.


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