Halswell Hornets Rugby League Club Christchurch

NZRL 'Grassroots' club of the year 2010

Hornets Strip

After much consideration, the club has decided to upgrade their current strip.

BLK is now supplying The Halswell Hornets with a cutting-edge Rugby League playing jersey.

BLK is a major international brand supplying gear to clubs all over the globe. BLK is also the supplier to many major clubs, associations, national teams, international teams and now of course, also The Halswell Hornets.

BLK offers cutting-edge apparel creatively designed and which reflects a genuine understanding and respect of each association’s heritage and goals.

The Red, Black and Gold are still there, but new features to make them unique.

To visit BLK, click on BLK Sport

New Hornets Strip

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